Be Kind to Yourself.

Be kind to yourself.


I woke up today feeling heavy, I shut my eyes again, woke up two hours later, 9:30 AM and that is LATE for me. Usually when I cant get out of bed, I mentally go through my to do list and that gets me more excited and ready for the day.


But today is different, I have been feeling heavy and lazy and unmotivated for almost a month now, I blamed it on others having a summer break and me working, I blamed it on family outing, the moon eclipse, but its a little bit over a month now and I don’t know how to stop this dilemma.


As creatives, our job is to consistently keep digging deep inside ourselves to find something to express and make meaningful work, and I have to keep reminding myself of that fact and really listen to myself and go back to my core every time I feel like I’m losing my way.


I know people are writing a lot lately about the importance of being kind to yourself and listening to yourself, but what does that really mean?


Today I had to try that myself, although I’ve done it so many times before, but every time I try to listen to myself is like meeting a stranger that you're trying to befriend, to sit down and just do nothing. To be kind to yourself means giving yourself time, it is okay because in reality, no one is expecting anything from you, even if they do have expectations it is only based on what you showed them in the past. Even if you are always trying to get tasks done, being kind to yourself sometimes means having the courage to stop.


I am feeling heavy today and I accept that. I accept that in order to grow one must feel a bit uncomfortable, and I’m allowing myself to feel that and to stay with it and see where it takes me.