The Self Discovery Cycle

I call this The Self Discovery Cycle and I hope it makes you realize that wherever you are at this moment in life you are not alone:

Know Yourself: It is not until I sat with myself, tried to analyze all my feelings and thoughts, asked myself every morning what I love, what am I “really” craving for breakfast, what colors inspire me and took action on those thoughts, that I realized how much I don't know myself and what I like. I haven't developed the right space to have an opinion to begin with, and so that required me trying new things. (super hard to do)


Self Growth: For me, it started as making small rituals during the day and turned them into a habit. I started with drinking more water in the morning, did just that for four months during the summer, and then I started waking up early before my internship at 6 AM to get some commissions done and so on. And it's scary how small things you add to your life, seriously change the way you act, think, and how people perceive you.


Making Mistakes: Now that part I’m not an expert at, not that I don't make mistakes I’m just not very accepting of them happening. It takes me a long time to recover and get back on my feet and to accept the mistake as something to learn from and be grateful for. This definitely was the hardest part, and I’m still learning how to cope with the idea, but I know that I will be a fearless, powerful human person once I get the hang of it.


To come in full circle, I believe that failing or making a mistake is the only thing that makes you pause, take a breath, sit back and rediscover who you are at the core. It is not as glamorous or smooth as it sounds, no matter how many books or blogs you read or watch motivational videos, no one will do the work but you and it does taste bitter at first, but once you realize that the work is never finished, you just start to enjoy the process and have that self-growth mentality to become the best you.